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We offer services in three categories--

Pregnancy, Postpartum, & Wellness + Beauty. 

After you learn about our services, check out our wellNEST page to take advantage of all of our services delivered in a monthly bundle.


Pregnancy Services

All of our birth services are tailored toward the expecting mother, and empowering her journey into motherhood.

Midwifery Care-

Singing Tree Midwifery

Prenatal Chiropractic-

Free to Be Chiropractic

Prenatal Massage-

Lilies Healing Hands

Birth Plan Builder

Childbirth Classes 

Doula Services


Postpartum Services

After birth, the energy shifts from mom to new baby. Our postpartum services are here as a gentle reminder of the valuable healing during this delicate time.

Postpartum Massage + Closing of the Hips-

Lilies Healing Hands

Postpartum Chiropractic-

Free to Be Chiropractic

Pediatric Chiropractic Body Work for Tongue & Lip Tie-

Free to Be Chiropractic

Newborn Photography

Jessica Ortiz Photography

Lactation + Breastfeeding Support


Wellness + Beauty

You cannot pour from an empty cup. Our wellness + beauty services give you that sacred time to focus on some well earned you time.

Facial + Lashes + Waxing-

Red Daisy Spa

Naturopathic Healing

World Nature Complementary

Stress Relief Massage-

Lilies Healing Hands

Wellness Chiropractic Care-

Free to Be Chiropractic